Our Services

Midwest Auto Repair is dedicated to supplying the high-quality auto repair and maintenance services you need to manage the performance of your vehicle. We also have a team of specialists that can help you repair any car restoration. No matter which repairs or maintenance services you require, Midwest Auto Repair is readily available to assist you.

The certified and experienced mechanics at Midwest Auto Repair Center offer quality Repairs & Service including:
– Brakes
– Transmissions
– Radiators
– Exhaust Systems
– Electrical
– Heating and AC
– Diagnostics
– Fuel Injection
– Automotive Machining
– Performance Work
– Tires & Rotations
– Maintenance (including Oil, Lube and Filter Changes, Tune Ups, etc).
– Antique Car Restorations and Antique Car Part Sales

Muffler Shop

Complete Exhaust Systems and modifications on all makes and models – we have a pipe bender for custom systems

Machine Shop

Cylinder blocks, heads, cranks and performance

Midwest Auto Repair includes maintenance services such as oil, filter and lube changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, and other maintenance services that are designed to optimize your vehicle’s performance.

Midwest Auto Repair can repair your heating and air conditioning through diagnostics and evaluations. When your HVAC in your vehicle is not providing you with the comfort you need for the weather, call us to get it repaired quickly and efficiently.

Midwest Auto Repair offers brake services, being that the brakes a crucial element to a fully functioning vehicle in order preserve the safety of your passengers, and others on the roads safe. Using highly engineered parts and precise movement, the brake system stops your vehicle kinetic energy conversion into thermal energy. The brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, calipers, and other braking components eventually wear down with time and use.
Midwest Auto Repair takes care of your suspension system services for the locals of Carter Lake, IA. The suspicion needs to be able to perform at its full potential in order to maintain comfortable riding conditions and driving performance. With our knowledgeable experts, you can count on us to ensure quality.

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