Can Heat Drain a Car Battery in Carter Lake, IA & Omaha, NE? Summer Car Maintenance Checklist & Tips

A lot of people talk about their woes in driving in the winter but did you know that the summer can be just as damaging if not more? The summer months are extremely hot and the hot weather can take a real toll on your vehicle. Your vehicle is sitting out in the sun and driving on the hot ground with hot air flowing all around it. You want to make sure that you take good care of your car all year round, but particularly in the summer!

Midwest Auto Repair Lists Ways You Can Care for Your Car this Summer

Is Your Car AC Working Intermittenly: There are several problems you can have with your cars AC this summer. One of the major issues is that the air that is coming out is completely diminished. When you get in and want to cool down only to find the amount of air coming out is almost non-existent, you want answers. You may have a problem with the filters being clogged and they may need to be replaced or cleaned off. If you have air coming out but it will not cool down you probably need to look at the getting the air recharged. The refrigerant that is in the system could have run out and needs to be filled back up. When the air will not turn on at all, the entire system could have been shorted out and could need to be replaced all together. It is best to hire an auto repair shop to take care of all of these issues for you.
How Hot Weather Affects Your Car Battery: The hot weather can wreak havoc on your battery. If your car is on the heat too long it can drain the life of the battery and kill it faster. If you live in a climate that has extreme heat you want to take good care of the battery. The best way to be prepared for a battery problem is to have jumper cables to start the car in case the battery dies. Also have the terminals and the battery checked to ensure that they are clean and the connection is good.
The Hot Ground Is Hard On Tires: Your tires are in need of replacement on occasion. It depends on the amount that you drive the car or truck on as well as the terrain that you drive on. The heated up ground can cause trouble with your tires if you have not taken good care of them. The hot ground can lead to a blow out so be sure that you have your tires inflated properly and checked for any separations or punctures that need to be repaired. Make sure that you have a spare that has been checked and properly inflated so that you are not left stranded in an emergency.

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